Thermal Cameras For Cars - What You Need To Know

Getting a thermal imaging camera for your car is exciting. However, before you can embark on a journey, you have to choose which thermal imaging camera is best for you. Which thermal imaging cameras deliver the most bang for the buck? To find that cool gadget that offers a lot of value, you have to know what to look for in a camera that improves your night vision while driving.

With a few thermal imaging cameras available on the market today -- each one with its own set of features -- searching for a good one can be pretty overwhelming. That's why we rounded up this list of must-have features that put one thermal imaging camera for cars above the rest.

1. Easy DIY Installation and Removal

The more streamlined the installation process is, the less likely you'll end up with a botched installation. Besides, who wants to spend a bunch of time installing the mounted camera when you can be driving in the dark and having a blast? You want a thermal imaging camera that has an easy DIY install. You also want a camera that's also easily removable, portable. Sometimes, you'll want to remove your camera from the vehicle and keep it safe.

An easy installation process looks like this:

  • Attach the mount to the rear edge of the hood.
  • Mount the camera and then hook it up to your car battery.
  • Mount the display inside your car.
  • Sync the camera to your phone via an app.

Some thermal imaging cameras require tinkering with your car's electrical system and/or modifying important components. Please proceed with caution if you purchase one of those cameras. There's a good chance that something may go wrong during the install. That sounds like a mistake that could cost a lot of money to fix. Ouch, there's nothing easy about that.  If the camera you select requires you to make modifications to your SUV or car, it may void the manufacturer's warranty.

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2. Heads Up Display (HUD)

Heads up displays are that perfect combination of ultra-cool tech and an innovative safety feature. A HUD is a display that's projected right on the windshield. If you're driving on an empty road without many streetlights, you enough to focus on without trying to read an image that's near your radio. Keep your head up while driving and never look away from the road to check a built-in monitor. Having a thermal imaging camera with a HUD is really your best option.

3. Wireless Connection Between the Camera and the Screen or HUD

A wireless connection between the infrared thermal imaging camera and the view screen or HUD is an incredibly important feature to have. Who wants to run a bunch of wiring through their vehicle's firewall? Running wiring through the firewall is not an easy job, and, takes time that could be spent camping, off-roading, or driving toward another adventure. There are also serious contortions required to get under the dash. And, there is a risk of damaging the vehicle's interior or OE wiring during installation. For these reasons, a wireless connection is the way to go.

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4. Easy Mounting

Whether you have more than one car or you want to share your neat thermal imaging camera with a friend, look for a camera that's easy to mount. The portability of a camera may be a convenience you hadn't thought of, but, trust us, it comes in handy.

5. A Warranty Longer Than 90 Days

Most electronics come with a 90-day warranty. You want a longer warranty because oftentimes, even the most poorly-built electronics can survive a mere 3 months. Good tech gadgets last longer. If you find a thermal imaging camera manufacturer that offers a comprehensive warranty that's good for more than 3 months, it's a good sign that they're confident in their products.

Finding a Thermal Imaging Camera That Has All of These Important Features

Now that you have a good list of must-have features in a thermal imaging camera, you can begin your search. We recommend checking out our NightRide camera system.

Since we know that all of the features listed above are important, we included them in our NightRide camera system. For example:

  • NightRide offers a standard 12 month manufacturing defect warranty
  • The system is designed to make installing, removing, mounting, and dismounting as quick and easy as possible
  • NightRide comes with two display options:
    • Heads up display
    • Dash-mounted display
  • NightRide is a wireless solution, meaning you don't have to touch your vehicle's firewall at all

Because of all the features NightRide offers and then some more, we think we've got the best solution on the market. You can read more about NightRide and all of its features here.