8 Fun Ways To Use Your NightRide Thermal Imaging Camera System

Whether you've got yourself a shiny new NightRide thermal imaging camera system or you're just looking into getting one, here's a fun fact: NightRide isn't just for the road. There are so many different practical and fun ways to put your NightRide camera to good use, which is a blessing and a curse. Kiss your smartphone goodbye (for a while, at least) and get ready for hours of fun with your NightRide camera! Here are 8 fun things you can do with it:

1. Try and Look Through Walls

Hand wall

While there's no guarantee that you can actually see through walls with a thermal imaging system, you can try. If there's something that's particularly warm (like a human or animal) on the other side of the wall, it may show up on your camera. However, most walls are designed to contain heat so it might not work. You can also try to look through fences and doors.

2. Find Wildlife

Owl flight

Image Credit: TripAdvisor

If you're camping, or if you live in a rural area with lots of wildlife near your house, it might be fun to see the animals that are hidden outside. You may spot a couple of bunnies in some tall grass, deer behind some trees, or any other wildlife lurking nearby. Just remember that thermal imaging cameras can't see through glass. That means if you're at home, you'll have to open a window or step out on the porch to be able to spot wildlife with your thermal imaging camera.

3. Spot Leaks in Walls, Windows, and Doors


Image Credit: Feldco

A thermal imaging camera comes in especially useful when you're looking for hot or cold air leaks in walls, windows, and doors. While it might not be your idea of fun, your energy conscious friend or family member might think it's a riot.

4. Experiment With a Blow Dryer or Heat Gun

Heat blowers

Grab a blow dryer or heat gun, and have fun looking at things through your thermal camera before and after you blast them with a little heat. It's amazing to see how a small change in surface temperature shows up so well on your NightRide screen. You can even try to make patterns.

5. Hunt for Ghosts


If you believe in ghosts, you can use your thermal imaging camera to hunt for ghosts. Maybe they'll come up as human-like silhouettes. Maybe they'll come up as orbs. Extra points if you see them move around on your camera. You just have to mentally prepare yourself for a spooky experience!

6. Play Hide and Seek

Hide seek

If you're feeling a little nostalgic, grab a friend and play hide and seek with your NightRide camera system! It's a great modern twist on the old-fashioned game. You can see if you can find each other hiding under blankets, behind doors, etc.

7. Make Unique Artwork

Make art

If you're feeling creative, you can capture a cool image with your thermal imaging camera and then create artwork from it. For example, you can grab some canvas and make a painting based on the image. Or if you want to channel your inner Andy Warhol, make some pop art out of the image.

8. Track Your Pets

Thermal cat

Image credit: Flickr user yellowcloud 

Thermal imaging cameras can pick up residual heat too. So you can "track" your pet with your NightRide camera and see where your beloved pets have been hanging out in the house. They might surprise you with the places they can get themselves into!

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