As a professional driver or construction foreman, you want:

Improved performance in challenging weather

Reduced risk of accident or damage at night

Enhanced driver/worker safety

Peace of mind

Thermal imaging has been used by the military for decades. But the technology has been too costly for commercial use...until now.   

NightRide Gives Your Team Superpowers

While bad weather and low light won't stop you or your team, it will absolutely slow you down. But what if they had a way to see thru the night and the weather? 

  • With NightRide, your team can drive at night or in inclement weather with more confidence

  • With our available portable power kit, your team can take the NightRide onto a construction site and see more than they ever thought possible

  • With an integrated digital video recorder, NightRide will make a thermal record of whatever the driver sees

The NightRide thermal camera gives you a tool to improve service, reduce risks, and enhance safety. It's like having a co-pilot with X-ray vision!


Improve safety in low light conditions

Driving or working at night or in bad weather is challenging. With NightRide, your team will be more efficient, safer, and more comfortable. And with the integrated recording feature,  you team has a video record of anything that happens on the job.

Best of all, NightRide is affordable peace of mind that allows you and your team to see in nearly all conditions, avoiding accidents and loss of life.

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