NightRide is an infrared-based camera system that empowers drivers to see beyond the range of regular headlights. Seeing up to 1800 feet ahead, even on the darkest of nights, is now a reality with this innovative, plug-and-play infrared night vision system.

The idea for NightRide was born from a particularly nerve-racking ride that our founder, Shawn Groce, took a few years ago. On a moonless night, a group of friends were heading to a camp site when they realized the driver had missed a turn. Shawn and the other passengers, with only limited cell service and even more limited sight, spent the next 30 stressful minutes trying to help the driver navigate to their destination. The car’s standard headlights were no match for the darkness of those backcountry roads. Although he and his buddies eventually found the camp, Shawn was then ready to find a solution that could see beyond what standard headlights illuminate.

NightRide helps prevent some of the common hazards associated with night driving. This rugged camera system helps avoid wrong or missed turns and reduces animal-car and other nighttime collisions. Increasing your personal safety and reducing vehicle damage is the mission of NightRide’s founder and team. NightRide improves nighttime driving to help you see what headlights don’t.