We Need To Change The Way We Drive At Night

Driving at night can be dangerous and stressful:

To solve these problems, an all new approach is needed: thermal imaging.

When combined with a heads-up display, a thermal imaging system makes driving at night much easier. Thermal systems see more than headlights, they see further, and they don't blind other drivers either.

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NightRide Will Disrupt Automotive Lighting

At NightRide, one of our goals is to promote affordable thermal imaging technology. We want the world to see how useful thermal cameras are, particularly for night time driving.

We know that thermal imaging systems are one of the keys to improving automotive safety. Instead of trying to put brighter lights on new vehicles, automakers should be offering consumers affordable thermal camera systems. Until they do, we'll be working on making these systems available to everyone, at an affordable price.

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What Our Customers Say:

I think this camera saved me this morning.  I had 2 deer slowly crossing the road in front of me that were so far out that my high beams didn’t even reach them yet.  I couldn’t see them with my own eyes but the camera made it very obvious I needed to slow down.  By the time I could actually see them with my eyes that if I didn’t slow down before I definitely would have hit them because they didn’t care I was approaching they just kept slowly crossing the road in a column formation. 

The image quality is just so unreal that I almost think you need to state over and over again when you advertise it that you’re using the actual output.  If I didn’t actually use it and see what it can do, I would almost think the images were doctored and not real!   John C, Pennsylvania

 View of NightRide from dash with pedestrians


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